Urban Native Health Centre

Since opening our doors in December of 2008, the Urban Aboriginal Health Centre has grown.  After 2 years without the ability to take new patients on, we are now able to take on patients in all age groups who are of Aboriginal descent. We are also seeing clients from Spero House and The Branch. 


We are fortunate enough to have a full time nurse practitioner and 1 physician working and a second physician starting in November at our clinic.  Tess Walde, NP(F) works Monday to Friday, Dr. Ian Lau is working Wednesday to Friday at the moment and his wife Dr. Cynthia Lau will be working Monday and Tuesdays.  On the first Friday of every month Respiratory therapist Jaqueline Turvey is with us and on the third Monday of every month Diabetes education nurse Brenda McKay-Konken is here.  In order to accommodate the respiratory therapist and the diabetes education nurse, Tess is going to be doing a clinic day out in Bonaparte on the days they are in the office.


While our clinic is a full scope medical office, we do have a few areas of specialization including Mental Health and Substance use. We are able to help those ready to start making changes toward a healthy life away from active addiction. Our other focus has come out of seeing the many hurting, addicted people we see every day - PTSD is one of four most common diagnoses and we do our best to help with proper medication, provide a safe place to tell their story and referral to mental health. We spend quite a bit of time with our patients to help them travel the mine field called Social Assistance. Tess has taken over where Dr. Densmore left off and  often uses the forms she fills out as a way to allow her patients to tell their story and as a stepping stone to find healing and to properly diagnose things that for years have been ignored or put off by the patient.


Our greatest wish for the future would be to have a patient navigator/life skills worker with a Mental Health background who would be able to help patients follow through with appointments with specialists and especially for any testing at the hospital. 

Address: 119 Palm Street


Left to right:

Tess Walde, NP

Dr. Ian Lau

Renata Johnson, MOA

Kamloops Aboriginal Friendship Society

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Urban Native Health Clinic

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