Roots Worker Program

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The Roots Practitioner will work directly with Aboriginal children who are in the care of the Ministry for Children and Family Development and Secwepemc Child & Family Service.


The Roots program is a Ministry initiative that focuses on reducing the number of Aboriginal children in care. We ensure that each child in the Ministries care has the best possible plan developed for his/her needs: while also supporting and encouraging the connection for Aboriginal children with their families, extended families and community.

Services Offered:

Children in care are provided with a strong foundation based on their cultural, spiritual, mental and emotional traditional teachings.

A culturally specific plan of care for the child will be developed.

Child’s cultural identity will be preserved.

Genograms will be developed.


Cultural packages will be presented.


Child’s reunification with family, extended family and community will be explored.



The Roots Practitioner is a qualified professional that will provide Aboriginal children in care with the best possible alternatives. The practitioner will also review, evaluate individual children’s placements & service needs and make recommendations to MCFD. Ministry for Children and Family Development and Secwepemc Child & Family Service referrals are our main priority.

Our Responsibilities: 

Non local First Nations in-care are 1st priority.

File reviews will be done in a spirit of cooperation with Kamloops Metis Family Service and Secwepemc Child & Family Service.

Planning and placement options for the child/children will be fully assessed.

MCFD case review guides will be completed.

Integrated Case Management meetings will be attended.

Facilitate Children in Care’s reunification with home communities and extended      



Identify barriers to alternative placements.

Identify resources required for alternative placements


Develop communication plan for foster parents, children in care and Aboriginal community.

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