Family Preservation & Youth Services

Healthy Beginnings Programs

The Family Preservation and Youth Services  team provides a holistic and cultural approach to enhance the services that we offer.


In addition we have developed a co-operative working relationship with the Ministry for Children and Family development staff and Secwepemc Child and Family Services.

We offer services that support the best outcome for our families. This could include things such as counselling services (family and individual), assistance in navigating the court processes, parenting enhancement workshops, crisis intervention services, home visits and supporting youth with general services.


The Family Preservation and Youth Services team are qualified professionals that will provide culturally appropriate services to all children, youth and their families that are in need of support.


We are able to respond in a timely manner especially during an immediate crisis situation. MCFD and SCFS referrals are our main priority, but we also accept self-referrals, referrals from School District 73, RIH referrals and other Community Organizations.

Supports Offered

Child Protection

Our Family Support Worker and Family Preservation Worker work to support the best interest of the whole child in participation with MCFD and SCFS in Child Protection Investigations.

Guardianship Support

Our Guardianship Support provides information about our Indigenous children’s family, community and culture when appropriate. This could include assisting MCFD and SCFS Plan of Care, or any other services that are supportive in ensuring that the child stays connected with their culture and origin.

Outreach Support Worker

The Outreach Support Worker provides in-home support to families and their children ages 0-18 years old. Parents/Caregivers enhance their learning around alternative parenting skills, child development and early childhood behaviours.


By working with the family and community members through a holistic approach, we are able to help build strong and healthy families.


Referrals from MCFD, Maternity Clinic at RIH, Public Health and community doctors remains a main priority.

Youth Services

Develop and maintain supportive relationships with vulnerable Youth.  We provide youth with information on educational, social, and recreational opportunities.  Things such as: Youth social gatherings, mentorship, referrals, computer access, job searching/resume writing, and traditional games.

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