Culture & Education 

The role of Cultural & Education Coordinator is to assist in providing services that promote and ensure positive educational experiences for the students. The Education and Culture Coordinator serves as a resource person for cultural awareness within School District #73 and surrounding Bands.


The Coordinator also provides support and assistance to First Nations Support Workers and is involved in the planning and organization of cultural events.

Services Goals:

Assist our Students to successfully graduate from high school

The ECC enhances the cultural knowledge and teachings through student participation in planned activities.


Ensure that student's talents are recognized and that they are assisted in pursuing their individual goals


Reduce the number of high school drop outs


Enhance the community, students and parents awareness of the program options available in the school


Work in partnership with the School District to ensure facilitation of Aboriginal Student success


Improve the self-esteem and confidence of youth through life skills, self-awareness and goal setting


Improve support and advocacy for students in School District #73


Provide support to all students within School District #73

(Kindergarten to Grade 12)

Kamloops Aboriginal Friendship Society

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Urban Native Health Clinic

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