Early Years Programs (0-6 Years)

The Early Years Programs are designed to empower individuals and families to achieve their highest potential.


Our Centre offers a safe, culturally enhanced setting for families to come together to learn new skills and build on existing ones. 


It is our goal in the Early Years programs to build a community support system that is culturally relevant to the needs of the people that we serve. 

Healthy Beginnings Programs

The Healthy Beginnings Family Support Worker works directly with Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal families who desire to improve the health and wellness of their children.


Please call Carol at 250-376-1296 for more information, or to register for  all any of the Healthy Beginnings Programs below.


Please visit our Calendar page for updated program times.  

Prenatal and Postnatal Group

The Prenatal/Postnatal group offers expecting parents with the opportunity to gain knowledge of childbirth in a culturally supportive, group setting. Some of the shared learning is around things such as: Prenatal Nutrition, Hospital Visits, Birth Plans, Doula Supports, Baby Care and Breastfeeding programs, After Care for Parents, and Stages of Labour.

The Prenatal/Postnatal Program also offers free access to; A nutritionist, Prenatal Vitamins, Grocery Vouchers, and Doula Services.

Infant Massage

Infant Massage is a five week interactive group training session where Parents/Caregivers can learn the techniques and benefits of Infant Massage. Some of the benefits that are discussed in this program are; encouragement of child development, creates a healthy attachment between parent/caregiver and babe, improves the external communication between parent/caregiver.

Parent and Tot Playgroup

The Parent and Tot Playgroup is a weekly drop in group for parents and their children 0-6 years of age. The group provides a safe, welcome, supportive opportunity for children and their parents to get together.  It is an opportunity for the children to enjoy playtime, peer interactions and socialization, nutritious snacks, field trips, and story time and crafts.


Early Childhood Development Programs

KAFS provides ECD services to all families whose children are 0-6 years old

We also Provide in-home and in-office visits

Advocacy for families, parents and children


Things we provide:

Group work

Circle Time


Special Guests

Early childhood development information

Early Childhood Education Workshops

Child Safety information

Behavior consultation

Attachment coaching

Speech and language coaching and information

Parents/Caregivers can increase their knowledge of child development and parental skill development.

Families can develop capacity to support healthy growth and development of their infants and young children.

Children, youth and parents will increase their knowledge of causes and effects and the prevention of FAS/FAE.

Children will get a better start in life through safe and nurturing relationships, support to parents, effective healthcare and strong community networks.

Parents and children will have the opportunity of learning about Indigenous Culture through drumming, singing and story telling.

Under the Eagles Wing

Monday 10:00-12:00

For Moms and Dads with children 0-6 years. This interactive group has active circle time, songs, early childhood development information, and a nutritional lunch is supplied.


Community Kitchens

This group meets every three months to practice meal planning and prepares four (4) home cooked meals to take home for the family.

During the winter and spring months our program provides practice in meal planning, shopping on a budget and preparing low cost nutritious meals. The group meets twice per month; once to plan and once to cook four delicious meals to take home for the family. During the summer and falls months, our community Kitchens program focuses on canning and storage of the harvested food produced in the Community Garden.

Nutritional Services

Shopping on a budget, meal planning/ healthy recipes, baby food making, body image/ weight management.


Cultural Support

Provided to all family members that wish to get back in touch with their Aboriginal culture.

Kamloops Aboriginal Friendship Society

125 Palm Street

Kamloops, British Columbia, V2B 8J7

P 250-376-1296

F 250-376-2275

Urban Native Health Clinic

119 Palm Street

Kamloops, British Columbia, V2B 8J7

P 250-376-1991

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